Do Glazier Services Include Window Replacements?

When most people take on glazier services, they will do so to either help with window repairs or installations. These are by far the most popular services that glass experts have to offer, but another feature that can sometimes be overlooked are their replacement options. These solutions are ideal when a particular frame has suffered with irreparable damage, or when a window has cracked, split, or shattered and can’t be repaired with traditional techniques.

What does a replacement involve?

Most window or glass replacement projects will be needed if the panel or frame has suffered with damage that can’t be repaired easily. In some cases, a home or commercial property owner might decide that it’s not worth the money to keep fixing the same type of damage (as might be the case with home subsidence) and in these events, they might opt for a complete replacement instead.

Most glaziers will be more than willing to go over the options available before taking on a replacement job – but if the owner is adamant that they’d like a new window fitted, then the replacement project can go ahead. One of the first things that a glazier will do will be to take measurements and gauge any existing damage that might be present.

If the issue is the window panel itself, then it might not be necessary to switch the entire frame and this should always be the preferred option, mainly due to the fact that it can save a home owner quite a substantial amount of money. If the frame needs replacing as well, then the glazier will most likely remove the components of the window one at a time.

This should start with the window itself, followed by the frame – and then the mounts that were holding the frame in place. When replacing the components, they should then work in reverse order, with the mounts being positioned and installed first, followed by the frame and then finally, the windows will likely be fitted.